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Trucking Companies and Maintenance Duties

South Florida Commercial Truck Accident Attorneys Discuss the Maintenance Duties of Trucking Companies

Commercial trucks travel roadways nationwide to deliver and pick up essential goods. These trucks often weigh in at 80,000 pounds fully loaded. With such a heavy load and so many hours spent on the road, it is vital that tractor-trailers be properly maintained to ensure the safety of their drivers and those traveling with them.  Truckers and trucking companies have a legal duty to maintain their trucks in proper working order.  If the trucking company fails to meet these duties, and an accident results, the trucking company can be held legally accountable.

At Greenberg, Stone & Urbano, our Miami truck accident attorneys understand the immense dangers of poor maintenance. Maintenance related accidents happen more often than many realize.  Poor maintenance threatens all motor vehicle occupants.  Our attorney team champions the rights of injured clients against the trucking companies or truckers that inflicted their injuries.

FMCSA Maintenance Requirements

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) sets out some federal mandates for the inspection, maintenance, and repair of heavy trucks. These rules are found in Regulation 396. Under the guidelines, all trucking companies and truckers must maintain their vehicle’s vital parts in working order. The list of vital parts is lengthy and includes tires, brakes, couplings, and almost all other important parts of a trailer or truck.

Trucks must be inspected by a qualified inspector at least once a year. The results of this examination will be included in a Driver Vehicle Examination Report. Trucks that fail basic safety testing will potentially be marked out of order and prevented from returning to commercial use until they are repaired and pass inspection.

Before setting out on the road, truckers must also fulfill basic maintenance duties. The driver must inspect a vehicle before setting out and record the results of this basic inspection in a log.  Items that need to be inspected include:

  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • Mirrors
  • Horn
  • Windshield wipers
  • Wheels
  • Steering components
  • Emergency equipment

Maintenance Related Accidents

Poor truck maintenance can result in serious truck accidents. When a basic component within a truck fails, the truck could stop without warning, veer into other lanes, fail to stop in time, or suffer any other number of dangerous fates.  Trucking companies and truck drivers have been known to skimp on maintenance in an effort to maximize profits.

Maintenance records should be reviewed following any accident that is potentially maintenance related.  Our Miami truck accident attorney can act fast after the accident to subpoena necessary maintenance and other records.  A thorough review of these records may reveal negligence on the part of the trucking company or individual driver that could prove important to your personal injury case.

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