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Our South Florida Truck Accident Attorneys Discuss Liability for Chain Reaction Truck Crashes

Multiple vehicle accidents commonly occur when one accident triggers subsequent crashes. Commercial trucks are often involved in multi-vehicle accidents and can lead to greater injuries due to their immense size.  Our Miami truck accident attorneys understand that chain reaction truck crashes present some unique legal issues. Truck accident victims injured in a multiple vehicle crash must present evidence establishing the link between their injuries and the initial act of negligence.  At times, this can be difficult to prove due to the events that may have transpired between the first and second crash.

At Greenberg, Stone & Urbano, our South Florida 18-wheeler accident lawyers have assisted a number of clients injured in chain reaction truck crashes.  We will carefully review the facts surrounding your chain reaction accident to uncover the responsible driver.  Our experienced litigation attorneys will then assist you in following the best course of action to recover damages for your truck accident related losses, including medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Ready v. RWI Transportation, Inc.

The Mississippi case of Ready v. RWI Transportation, Inc. illustrates some of the complexities surrounding chain reaction truck crashes. In this case, the defendant, who operated a semi-truck, acted negligently and caused a crash with a pickup truck.  Roughly an hour later, and three-quarters of a mile from the first crash, a second accident happened that injured the plaintiff.  The plaintiff claimed that the negligent truck driver is also liable for this accident and the subsequent injuries it inflicted.

Investigations revealed that the second crash occurred when the plaintiff failed to slow down in time to avoid the stopped traffic ahead, which was caused by the first accident. The plaintiff claimed that this first accident was the cause of the second, and accordingly the trucking company should be held responsible.

The defendant requested dismissal of the action, arguing that he could not be held accountable for the second crash because the damages were not foreseeable.  The district court dismissed the lawsuit, agreeing that the second accident was not a foreseeable harm caused by the defendant’s initial act of negligence due to the time and distance between the crashes.  The plaintiff appealed, but the state supreme court rejected the plaintiff’s arguments.  It acknowledged that foreseeability may be a valid issue, but even further the court found that the defendant did not owe a duty to the plaintiff based on the distance and time between the two accidents.

This case illustrates the immense complexities surrounding chain reaction truck crashes. Proving all of the elements to establish negligence is not an easy task, and can be more difficult depending on the circumstance surrounding the crash.  Our Miami truck accident attorneys at Greenberg, Stone & Urbano bring our immense knowledge of the law to all of our clients’ truck accident cases, giving you the strongest chance of achieving coverage for your accident-related damages.

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