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South Florida Truck Accident Attorneys Warn About Dangers Dump Trucks Pose On Florida’s Roads

As Miami-based personal injury attorneys, we see crashes frequently that involve dump trucks. Dump trucks are especially dangerous because of their potential to cause significant harm. The trucks are heavy, fast, and do not stop on a dime.  Motorists must beware of the risk of truck crashes. A distracted driver or a driver operating a dump truck that is not well maintained has the potential to cause massive loss of life and cause serious personal injuries.

The state of Florida has experienced several terrible dump truck accidents in 2016. For example, on October 17, 2016, in Collier County, a dump truck crashed killed a 45-year-old woman. The woman was turning left with a green, left turn arrow. A large dump truck operated by a man ran the red light. The dump truck slammed into the woman’s car broadside, sometimes known as a “T-bone” collision. The woman’s car immediately burst into flames. The woman perished at the scene.  The dump truck driver was unharmed. This accident illustrates the dangers dump trucks pose on the street, especially when the driver negligently operates the dump truck. According to the news report on this crash, criminal charges are pending against the driver. 

Still another story out of Florida involving a dump truck occurred near Tampa in October 2016. A dump truck and a van were involved in a collision. Unlike the previously discussed crashes, this one was not fatal; the parties involved suffered only minor injuries. Even still, the dump truck flipped over on its side. The truck carried a load of gravel, which it lost onto the roadway. Authorities closed the roadway for several hours to clean the spilled debris. The drivers of vehicles were very lucky to avoid more severe injury.

Two dump trucks were involved in another October 2016 crash. This accident happened in Arcadia. The preliminary investigation into this collision reveals that one dump truck crossed the center lane and slammed head-on into an oncoming dump truck. Another car crashed into the trucks. All three vehicles burst into flames. The dump truck driver operating in the correct lane died in the collision.  The posts following the news story reveal that the driver who crossed into oncoming traffic also perished from injuries suffered in the accident.

In April of 2016, a City of Miami dump truck plowed into a taxicab and the cab’s passenger died as a result. Surveillance video of the intersection shows a line of cars stopped at a busy intersection. The video is horrific. Without warning or any indication of danger, the dump truck appears careening toward the line of cars. The dump truck appears to try to avoid a collision by pulling toward the sidewalk, but the crash could not be avoided. The collision propelled the taxi, dump truck, and a light pole into the intersecting street where other vehicles slammed into the dump truck. The taxicab passenger died, and seven others went to the nearby trauma center for treatment of severe injuries.  Eleven vehicles were involved in the crash.

At first blush, it appears that these accidents could and should have been avoided. Dump truck drivers operate large vehicles that are massive. Their weights are markedly greater when they are carrying a load. Couple the weight with careless, reckless, or negligent operation and you have a recipe for disaster.

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