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Why Commercial Trucks Roll Over

Truck roll over accidents shut down highways across South Florida regularly, stranding commuters and sending many to the hospital.  The frequency of roll over truck accidents may have you wondering, why do so many 18 wheelers roll over?  Our commercial truck accident lawyers offer you a look into why trucks roll over and what you can do to protect yourself from these horrific accidents.

Speed Commonly Leads to Roll Over Crashes

A study conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) revealed that about half of all roll over crashes were caused by the driver failing to reduce his or her speed when approaching curves on the roadway.  Other factors leading to truck rollover accidents included brake issues, intersection problems, and failure to load cargo properly.  Driver inattention was rated the second most common cause of truck rollover accidents, while improper steering resulted in many of these accidents.  Finally, the height and weight of the load carried by the trailer also had a significant impact on how easily commercial trucks tipped.

It’s in the Physics

The most basic explanation as to why 18 wheelers roll over at high rates is the pure physics of the vehicle itself.  When a vehicle enters a curve in the road, centrifugal force will cause the vehicle to lean in the direction opposite the curve.  Large trucks are susceptible for roll over accidents because their high center of gravity requires less centrifugal force to tip the truck over.

Roll over truck accidents are some of the most deadly, leading to a substantial number of fatalities and serious injuries to truck drivers and passengers of motor vehicles caught in the way.  Many rollover accidents occur on highway ramps and inclines, where truck drivers may not reduce their speed enough to accommodate for the curves in the roadway.  Driver error is considered the most common cause of rollover crashes, with errors including speed, failure to slow down, distraction, and more.

Trucking Companies Need to Increase Driver Training to Prevent Rollover Crashes

One of the most important ways to prevent rollover accidents is to properly train new truck drivers in speed control and safe driving around curves or exit and entrance ramps.  Driver error can be exacerbated by improper training, with some drivers simply not understand how they need to slow and guide their vehicle around curves.

Shifting cargo is another main issue that trucking companies should address with new drivers.  Drivers are charged with the duty of inspecting their cargo before and during their trip.  Drivers should be trained to look for improper loading or shifting within the cargo which could increase their chances of a roll over crash.

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