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18 Wheeler Brake Systems

Truck accident lawyers understand that brake failure and braking issues are a primary cause of truck accidents.  Part of the reason behind the high incidence of brake issues in trucks, as opposed to cars, is the complexities of the 18 wheelers braking system.  Semi truck brake systems are comprised of several distinct stopping units.  These include service brakes, which work by pressure inserted on the brake pedal either through hydraulic or air pressure.

18 wheelers additionally have separate parking brakes that are used only during parking.  These brakes are operated separately through a series of heavy duty springs.  A third type of truck brake is the emergency brake.  This brake combines parts from the parking and the service brake and is to be used in the event the other brakes fail.  Each of the braking systems within a commercial truck comes with its own nuances and potential problems. 

Trucks today come with an anti-lock braking system.  This keeps the wheels from locking up and causing he truck driver to lose control of the truck. A truck’s service brakes operate using pressured air, which pushes against the lining of the drum and disc when the truck driver steps on the brake pedal.  Spring brakes, on the other hand, operate based on a lack of air pressure.  Emergency brakes consist of a complex system.  When the service or air brakes fail, the emergency brake system activates the spring brakes, allowing the vehicle to still stop.

Long Stopping Distance

Tractor trailers take far longer to come to a complete stop that the typical passenger vehicle.  A commercial truck will generally take at least one third longer to stop on the highway than a car.  For this reason, it is important that truck drivers anticipate any potential problems ahead and start stopping early on.  Other drivers who have a truck following closely behind them are advised to move out of the way if there is the potential for a sudden stop.

Proper Maintenance is Essential

Given the many different truck braking systems and the intricacies of each system, as well as the immense requirement that these brakes stop an 80,000 plus pound truck, it is imperative that truck braking systems be properly maintained.  Trucking companies and truck owners have the duty to regularly maintain braking systems and keep records of this maintenance.  A failure to take adequate care of the truck’s brakes can result in liability in the event of a brake failure accident.

If you have been injured in a brake failure related truck accident, consult a truck accident layer as soon as possible.  Your lawyer will review the accident and subpoena the evidence necessary to uncover whether poor maintenance or driver negligence was a factor in your crash.

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