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Miami Truck Accident Attorneys Offer a Look at the Trucks of the Future

The commercial trucking industry is constantly looking for ways to improve trucks in terms of safety, energy efficiency, economy, and more.  Several major trucking companies have developed innovative tractor trailers that could be the wave of the future.  These trucks include cutting edge safety technologies and new designs.  Many truck manufacturers offer feature “vehicle to vehicle” and “vehicle to infrastructure” technologies that warning drivers of the possibility of an accident and giving the driver time to avoid the threat.

Our truck accident attorneys hope that new truck designs will be the key to decreasing the rate of serious truck accidents. The following is a look at a few future futuristic trucks that could soon hit the roadways:

  1. Wal-Mart’s Advanced Vehicle Experience Truck: Still in the concept phrase, Wal-Mart has established a futuristic style tractor trailer that would reduce half the energy needed to power a regular tractor trailer.  The tractor is designed with a convex nose that provides smooth air flow and additional cargo space.  The trailer is designed out of unique carbon fiber, reducing its weight and thus fuel consumption.
  2. Daimler’s Truck of the Future: German trucking company Daimler created a commercial truck that is autonomous. The vehicle is designed to ensure traffic safety using vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure communications.  It has an autopilot feature similar to an aircraft and also features an array of cameras and enhanced windows to offer drivers a better view of their surroundings.
  3. Peloton’s Platooning Trucks: Peloton Technology, out of California, demonstrated a truck platooning system.  The system uses vehicle to vehicle communication to ensure the trucks travel safely together.  The system would improve safety and fuel economy.
  4. Volvo’s 360 Degree Trucks: Volvo Trucks released a new technology that scans the environment surrounding the truck and will warn drivers in the event a collision could occur, giving the driver time to correct the truck and prevent the crash.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, contact a truck accident attorney as soon as possible.  Your attorney will investigate the crash and uncover your best avenue for recovery.  Truck accidents are often caused by negligence on the part of the truck driver or trucking company.  Personal injury actions stemming from a truck accident will often be complex and involve multiple defendants.  Do not delay in seeking legal assistance, as your recovery may depend upon your prompt action.

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