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Lawsuit Stemming from Fatal Crash Hopes to Raise Awareness to the Need for Collision Avoidance Systems in Commercial Trucks

Our Miami truck accident lawyers report that a $10 million lawsuit was filed following a fatal accident that killed four people in Jacksonville.  The accident happened when a tractor trailer failed to stop in time, crushing a Chevrolet Tahoe and starting a massive fire that engulfed the SUV.  The tractor trailer also hit another SUV, injuring three occupants.  The driver of the tractor trailer was not injured. Now, the family members of those killed in the accident are seeking compensation and wish to bring to light the importance of collision avoidance systems.

Could This Fatal Accident Have Been Prevented?

The accident started with the driver of a Tahoe becoming stuck in traffic due to a vehicle blocking the roadway ahead.  A Nissan Murano was driving behind the Tahoe.  Suddenly, the Murano was rear ended by the tractor trailer.  This SUV spun out, and then the truck slammed into the Tahoe, pushing it into the concrete barrier.  The Tahoe caught fire and trapped the four occupants inside.

A report by the Florida Highway Patrol revealed that the truck driver failed to slow and drove in a negligent, careless manner.  It was also revealed that the truck driver had previously tested positive for use of a controlled substance. In light of these alarming findings, the family members of the four accident victims have filed suit against the truck driver and the trucking company.  The lawsuit alleges that the truck driver was speeding, distracted, and was using a cell phone or texting.  It further claims the trucking company acted negligently in failing to adequately investigate the driver.  Some product liability claims were further made.

The plaintiffs in the action hope to succeed and obtain justice for their lost loved ones, but they also wish to prevent future truck accidents through the use of crash avoidance technologies.  Today’s tractor trailers can be equipped with collision avoidance systems that monitor the road ahead.  Sensors and radars within the truck will alert the truck driver if a collision is imminent.  Drivers will then be prompted to react to the object or vehicle.  If the driver does not brake and a crash is imminent, the collision avoidance system will take over and prevent the crash or at least minimize the severity of the accident.  This innovative technology can therefore prevent accidents and save lives, but needs to be adopted by more trucking companies nationwide.

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