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Woman Killed After Being Hit by Semi Truck in Jacksonville

A tragic hit and run truck accident recently claimed the life of a 42 year old in Jacksonville.  The accident happened at the intersection of W. Beaver Street and Chaffee Road shortly after 6 a.m.  Investigations show that the tractor trailer ran over and dragged a woman as she exited the gas station.  She was found in the middle of the intersection.  The driver fled the scene following the incident and police currently have no indication as to who the driver was or whether the driver realized he or she had run over the pedestrian.  Sadly, the pedestrian did not survive the hit and run.  She was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.  Police are now seeking surveillance video from a nearby store in an attempt to uncover the identity of the runaway truck driver.

The Causes of Hit and Run Truck Accidents

Hit and run accidents are devastating for accident victims, leaving them unable to identify the person who so injured them and at times without an avenue for adequate compensation.  Florida law requires that all drivers, including commercial truck drivers, stop in the event of an accident.  This requirement is critical for the safety of all involved in the accident and for liability purposes as well.  Had the truck driver in this instance stopped to call 911 and attempt to render aid to the downed pedestrian, perhaps the outcome of this horrific accident could have been different.

Drivers flee the scene of the accident for a wide variety of reasons, including drug or alcohol use, fear of the consequences, and failure to realize an accident had occurred.  Intoxicated drivers may be confused and scared.  They will often flee the scene of the accident so as to avoid being charged with a DUI.  Other drivers will flee the scene of the accident out of pure fear.  These drivers recognize that a serious accident has occurred and they could face immense circumstances, such as loss of their license, jail time, fines, and more.  Other times, due to intoxication, cover of darkness, or other reasons, the driver might not realize he or she hit a person or car.  For tractor trailer drivers, it is theoretically possible that the driver of the large truck hit a person.  They could have falsely believed it was a smaller, inanimate object.  While this does not excuse the failure to investigate, it could be the defense the truck driver attempts to use.

The victims of hit and run accidents may be able to obtain compensation for their injuries.  First, attempts will be made to uncover the identity of the truck driver.  If found, the driver or trucking company can be held accountable.  If the driver cannot be located, alternative sources of recovery may still be available.

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