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Statistics Show Large Trucks are Shockingly Dangerous

Large truck accidents are responsible for close to 4,000 deaths each year, as reported by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Highway Loss Data Institute.  They result in an additional 100,000 injuries annually. Several factors are largely responsible for most truck accidents and these include inadequate driver training, improper maintenance, driver negligence, parts malfunctions, trucking company negligence, and more. One example of truck driver negligence is fatigue due to the long hours truck drivers spend on the road.  This negligent behavior can also be the fault of the trucking company because trucking companies bear the responsibility of upholding public safety by ensuring drivers adhere to regulations and safe driving practices.   The sheer number of fatalities and injuries each year is enough to confirm that commercial trucks pose a considerable threat to the public.

Proper Driver Training

A truck is classified as a large truck if it weighs over 10,000 pounds.  Driving a vehicle of that size requires great responsibility and understanding as to the physics involved.  However, according to the Federal Highway Administration, just a third of large truck drivers receive the training they need to when they obtain their commercial driver’s license or even after they are hired.  To receive a commercial driver’s license or CDL, drivers must only pass standard tests requiring minimal skills.  There are no requirements as to proper training.  The Department of Transportation published a document known as the Proposed Minimum Standards for Training Tractor Trailer Drivers back in the 1980’s, but these standards are not mandatory and only small percentage of trucking companies offer adequate training to drivers.

Driver Fatigue

One of the leading causes of truck accident is driver fatigue.  Fatigue is thought to contribute to somewhere between 30 and 40 percent of truck accidents.  While the federal hours of Service rules set maximum hours on how long a truck driver can remain on duty, but this has not alleviated the problem of truck driver fatigue.  Truck drivers have been known to exceeded Hours of Service Regulations due to financial and workplace pressures.  They may attempt to forge log books so that it appears they are in compliance.  At times, trucking companies will knowingly allow employees to engage in such dangerous practices.

Large Truck Accidents Cost Lives and Tax Payer Dollars

In some 98 percent of all accidents between a large truck and a passenger vehicle, the fatalities were in the passenger vehicle.  Truck accidents claim the lives of thousands of innocent driver and passengers annually and injure far more.  These traumatic accidents cost the public over $83 billion in taxes each year.  If you have been injured in a truck accident, consult with a licensed truck accident attorney early on in order to protect your legal rights.

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