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New Technologies Could Improve Safety in the Trucking Industry

Technological innovations have made our lives easier and safer.  In the realm of passenger motor vehicles, new technologies have made cars far safer, shielding passengers in the event of a crash and even helping to prevent accidents altogether.  New technology seems to move more slowly over to the commercial trucking industry, but our Miami truck accident attorneys believe these new technologies will be crucial to improving truck driver safety and the safety of those around them.

The Miami truck accident attorneys at Greenberg, Stone, & Urbano, P.A. firmly believe that new technologies can help save lives.  We have assisted far too many victims of truck accidents in obtaining compensation for their serious injuries.  We hope with improved technology, increased truck driver training, and heightened regulation, the rate of truck accidents could decrease. The following is a look at some new technologies often included in tractor trailers that can help save lives:

  • Lane departure warnings: Many motor vehicles are now equipped with lane departure warnings, so the leap to commercial trucks is natural and necessary.  With lane departure warnings, if a truck driver attempts to enter another lane without signaling or traveling at a certain rate of speed, they will be alerted and reminded that they must use their signal.  This warning could prevent drifting or alert tired drivers who may have fallen asleep behind the wheel.
  • Collision Avoidance: This technology is similar to an adaptive cruise control.  It helps to prevent forward collisions by maintain a constant distance between a truck and a vehicle in front of it.  Some systems will have automatic braking or alerts.  This collision system can greatly reduce the risk of accidents and some states are currently calling for it to be made mandatory on all commercial trucks.
  • In-cab video: Many commercial trucks now come equipped with a camera in the truck that captures video footage of the driver within the cab. When this is paired with computer feeds, it creates real time footage of what is going on in the truck.  This enables trucking companies to see in an instant whether poor behavior is occurring and to provide feedback on areas of weakness.
  • Roll stability control: This technology uses sensors to monitor the stability of the truck and reduce rollover risk by automatically slowing the truck down to a safer speed if it detects the potential for a rollover accident.
  • Navigation within the cab: Navigation systems are placed in the cab in an area where the driver can easily access them without having to look down.  These systems eliminate the distraction and potential confusion of regular navigation systems.  Some systems will automatically receive input from the dispatch office so that truckers do not need to input addresses.

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