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Poor Maintenance Can Cause Serious Truck Accidents

Large commercial truck accidents involving poor maintenance can result in serious injuries.  Faulty maintenance is a common cause of truck accidents across the country.  Both the driver and the trucking company are required to check their vehicles for faulty parts and potential hazards.  The failure to properly maintain a commercial truck can result in serious and even fatal crashes.

Common Truck Maintenance Problems

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires all truck drivers regularly inspect their vehicles every time they set off for a destination.  If a truck driver fails to conduct regular inspections or neglects to perform the maintenance necessary to address any issues uncovered during inspections, he or she may be held accountable for injuries or deaths that result from a maintenance related crash.

The following instances of negligent maintenance often result in truck maintenance problems and accidents:

  • Failure to change tires at intervals required
  • Failure to conduct walk arounds and pre-trip inspections in order to identity crucial safety issues
  • Failure to inspect and test brakes
  • Failure to replace burned out bulbs and clean reflective tape
  • Failure to test load restrains
  • Using retreaded tires
  • Failure to check and top off essential fluids
  • Failure to ensure tires are properly inflated

When a weakened or defective mechanism, such as steering or brakes, places additional strain on the truck, drivers may find themselves unable to stop in time or unable to control the vehicle.  Maintenance issues can be compounded if a truck travels on a defective roadway or in a construction zone.  Poor truck maintenance when combined with poor road maintenance can be a deadly combination.

Many commercial truck accidents that occur annually across the United States could have been prevented with proper maintenance on behalf of the truck driver and trucking company.  Often, an independent truck driver or the trucking company will cut corners and forego proper vehicle maintenance in an effort to save money.  No matter the motivation, this behavior is inexcusable and is the root cause of many severe truck accidents that occur on a daily basis.

Who is Responsible for Poor Maintenance Accidents?

The truck driver or the trucking company could be held accountable for their failure to conduct inspections that results in an accident.  Liability will often depend upon the truck driver’s relationship to their employer.  Often, the trucking company is responsible for the actions of their drivers or the manufacturer of a defective part may also be partly responsible for the accident.  Additionally, a mechanic who has failed to fix a malfunction can be liable for injuries if the plaintiff can prove his or her negligent failure to fix the part caused their injuries or damages.  Due to the complexity of poor maintenance lawsuits, all truck accident victims will require the assistance of experienced counsel.

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