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FedEx Truck Flips Off I-4, Spilling Hundreds of Packages

Our Miami truck accident lawyers report that a recent FedEx truck accident sent hundreds of packages tumbling onto the highway.  The Florida Highway Patrol reports that a 45 year old truck driver who resides in Florida was driving a big rig pulling two trailers when he made an improper lane change and swiped a car.  After swiping the other vehicle, the tractor trailer struck a guardrail.  The impact forced one of the trailers to break off and fall off the overpass on a highway below.  Hundreds of packages flew off the highway and came to rest on the road below.  The rig and the other trailer remained on I-4 above.  Florida Highway Patrol ticketed the driver, who did sustain minor injuries in the crash, for improper lane change.  Fortunately, no one else was injured.  Clean up began immediately after the accident and continued until all packages were cleared away.

Unsafe Lane Changes are a Major Factor in Truck Accidents

In order to obtain their commercial drivers’ license, truck drivers must complete certain training and demonstrate their ability to exercise caution and skill while driving an 18 wheeler.  Nonetheless, truck drivers can at times act in a negligent manner and maker serious mistakes that can lead to truck accidents.  One of the most common negligent actions truck drivers engage in is making unsafe lane changes. 

Before merging into another lane, truck drivers must exercise care to determine whether another vehicle is beside them or not. Trucks have large blind spots on both sides, with the largest being on the left hand side.  As such, truck drivers must take certain steps to check within these blind spots and eliminate the possibility of merging into a car.  If a truck driver fails to follow protocol by not properly checking before turning, serious accidents can result.

If you have been injured in a truck accident due to the driver moving abruptly into your lane, you may have the right to seek compensation from the truck driver or trucking company involved in the accident.  Your truck accident lawyer will investigate the crash and attempt to uncover evidence as to whether the truck driver adequately checked his or her mirrors, physically turned, and took other steps to check for cars before changing lanes.  If these steps were not completed, the truck driver may have acted negligently.

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