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Florida Truck Accident Attorneys Discuss an Increase in Trucking Fatalities

For many years, there has been a decrease in the number of truck accidents that resulted in fatalities.  This was attributed to a number of factors, including government regulations that limited the number of hours that a driver could operate a commercial truck during a work week and improvements in safety features.  However, the analysis has been completed on the most recently available data for 2013 and there has been an increase in the number of truck-related accident deaths.  This information was released as part of the motor vehicle crash report issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) at the end of 2014, which referenced a Safety Fact sheet that contained statistics for a wide range of accidents.

On the roads throughout South Florida, there are many interactions between passenger vehicles and large commercial trucks.  Some of these events lead to devastating injuries and fatalities.  When negligence played a role in the crash, the skilled Miami truck accident lawyers at Greenberg Stone and Urbano have more than 130 years of collective experience in fighting for the compensation that accident victims need to get proper medical care, replace lost wages, and address their pain and suffering.  We will fight to get you the results that you deserve.

The increase in truck-related fatalities was 0.5 percent in 2013 over 2012.  This relatively small uptick in the number of deaths, which totaled 3,964 in 2013, is a concern, but does not indicate a new trend without additional data from subsequent years.  One of the important points to note when looking at the most recent data is that the vast majority of fatalities that happen when there is a crash involving a truck are individuals in other vehicles or otherwise outside the truck.  In 2013, there actually was a decrease in the number of truck occupant deaths, so the total increase was the result of 49 more people dying outside of the truck, referred to as non-occupants.  In fact, more than 80 percent of the overall fatalities resulting from truck crashes are not occupants of the commercial truck.  This is a very clear indicator of the danger that these massive tractor-trailers pose to drivers who share the road with them.

One piece of good news that came out in the most recent report is that there were fewer injuries resulting from commercial truck accidents in 2013.  In 2012, there were 25,000 injuries reported as the result of a truck collision while there only were 24,000 injuries reported in 2013.  The decrease of 1,000 injury victims is important, representing a four percent decrease in the number of people were injured in truck-related accidents, which means that there were a significant number of families who did not have to suffer through the devastating impacts of a commercial truck crash.

Greenberg Stone and Urbano Advocates Zealously for Truck Accident Victims

A person who is injured in a truck-related crash often experiences a life-altering event.  In addition to the medical care and lost wages, because many truck accident victims cannot work, a person may find himself unable to participate in the activities that he enjoyed before the accident. The South Florida truck accident law firm of Greenberg Stone and Urbano knows how far-reaching the devastation can be and strive to get the compensation that a person needs to move forward with his life.  With more than 30 years of experience, our law firm knows how to demonstrate the extent of the loss.  Our commitment to our clients has earned us a peer-reviewed AV rating from Martindale Hubbell, which is the highest rating that a firm can receive.  The Miami Herald also has voted us one of South Florida’s top-rated law firms.  Call us at (888) 499-9700 or (305) 595-2400 or visit our website to schedule an appointment so that we can get to work on your behalf.


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