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What to Do at the Scene of a Florida Truck Accident

Few people would know just what to do following a serious Florida truck accident. In fact, a common regret among truck accident victims is not being better prepared for what to do on the scene of the accident. Our Miami truck accident lawyers have put together this guide to briefly review some important steps you should take if you are ever involved in a Florida truck accident:

1. Stay calm and call 911: Following the accident, survey the scene to determine whether anyone is injured. Call 911 so that injured victims receive prompt medical treatment and the police will be dispatched immediately. Try not to move injured victims unless it is absolutely necessary to prevent them from becoming further injured.

2. Call the police: It is important to call the police so that a report can be generated concerning the accident, even if it appears minor at the time.

3. Document all injuries: In the aftermath of an accident, injuries that later will become serious often seem minor. Much of this has to do with adrenaline, while some is simply the nature of the injury which takes some time to develop. It is important to write down any injuries or pains you are experiencing after an accident, regardless of whether you think they are severe or not. Ask any injured passengers to do the same.

4. Write down as much information concerning the accident as possible: The more detailed your notes on the accident, the better able you will be later to correct errors in the police report or refute the driver’s changed account of the events leading to the accident. Try to take down the following information:

• All injuries you or fellow passengers are experiencing
• The weather conditions, time, and direction of vehicles involved in the accident • An account of how the accident occurred • The license plate numbers and descriptions of all vehicles involved • The damage to the vehicles involved • Statements made by other drivers concerning liability
• Statements by other drivers or passengers as to the extent of their injuries • The names, phone number, and badge number of any police officers on the scene • The names, phone numbers, driver’s license information, address, and insurance information of all drivers involved in the accident • The names and phone numbers of any witnesses to the accident • Any and all observations as to the involvement of drugs or alcohol in the crash
5. Photograph the scene: If you are able to safely photograph the scene of the accident, it is wise to do so. Attempt to photograph damage to the vehicles involved, your injuries as well as injuries to other drivers or passengers, skid marks, and the area where the accident occurred.

6. Do not make statements concerning liability for the accident: Provide the police with any information they request, but do not, under any circumstances, make statements regarding liability for the accident without speaking to a licensed truck accident attorney.

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