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6 Things You Should Know About Your Florida Truck Accident Case

Truck accidents often leave victims seriously injured and confused as to their rights. This guide provides injured truck accident victims with some important facts concerning their Florida truck accident case. All truck accident victims are cautioned to consult with a licensed truck accident lawyer in Miami as soon as possible after a crash to receive the individualized case analysis their claim requires.

1. Crucial evidence will be destroyed if you wait too long to contact a truck accident attorney: Truck companies are only legally required to keep important documents concerning an accident for a few months following the accident. After this time, the evidence will be destroyed. For example, truck driver log books, which contain hours of service records, only legally need to be maintained for six months. If you wait too long to consult with a licensed truck accident attorney, you risk losing this vital evidence forever. In addition, there may be electronic evidence of the truck’s actions leading up to and immediately following the crash (sort of a “black box” for a car or truck). This information is often critical and needs to be preserved immediately so it is not lost because of a lapse in time.. Many trucking companies also have GPS equipment which can have many positive effects on winning as it shows a trucks location at a specific time which may lead to speed calculations, etc..

2. You need a truck accident attorney who understands the intricacies of truck accident law: There are thousands of federal regulations concerning trucking companies and safety requirements. State regulations exist as well. You must retain the assistance of an experienced truck accident attorney who understands these complex and intricate trucking laws. Otherwise you will be left at a serious disadvantage in pursing your valuable case.

3. Your attorney should file your lawsuit as soon as possible: You do not have time to wait following a truck accident. You should file a lawsuit as soon as possible to prevent the loss of crucial evidence. Waiting in an attempt to negotiate with the insurance company or allow your injuries to unfold could cost you greatly in the long run.

4. A Florida truck accident case has high stakes: Truck accident cases are more serious and involve more complex issues than car accidents. The injuries stemming from a truck accident are often more severe given the massive size of these vehicles. Further, trucks are far more regulated than other motor vehicles due to their potential to inflict severe injuries and death. Although trucking companies often carry more insurance, their insurance defense departments are better trained and more aggressive, making it difficult to achieve an easy settlement.

5. Expect an ISO or Insurance Services Office search: The insurance company will run what is known as an ISO search, which is a search of all previous insurance claims. If you have made any prior claims, including workers’ comp claims, slip and falls, or other accident claims, they will be found during the ISO search. It is important to provide your attorney with information concerning any prior claims so that he or she can help you prepare for your deposition.

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