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Florida Residents Avoid Dangerous Truck Cargo Crash This Time

Florida residents were spared the fate that befell residents in Delaware when a truck transporting up to 20 million bees from Florida to Maine crashed in Delaware and spilled its live, and angry, cargo on a ramp leading to Interstate 95. The driver was cited with having improperly secured cargo. Every day, people in South Florida are injured when a truck driver or trucking company fails to secure a load before heading out onto the road. Whether this is to maximize the amount of cargo that can be carried or is the result of simple negligence, the resulting injuries may be catastrophic. If you have been injured in a truck accident, the skilled Miami personal injury attorneys at Greenberg Stone and Urbano are ready to fight for you. Our firm has dedicated more than thirty (30) years of practice to getting justice for our clients. We have successfully represented a number of client’s who have been injured by debris falling from a truck. We have collected millions of dollars in such claims.

The truck transporting the bees crashed around six in the evening in late May, which means that there were many people on the road. The bees were so aggressive that the emergency responders could not get close to the accident for some time. The road was closed for more than twelve hours. Local beekeepers came and recovered the bees that they could and the trucking company permitted them to keep the bees. While this accident did not result in too much damage and people suffered minor injuries, including many bee stings, it does illuminate the dangers of improperly loaded cargo.

When a truck driver or trucking company chooses to overload a trailer or send a load out onto the road without the proper restraints or containment features, it can cause a serious accident. The overloaded trailer can lead to steering and braking problems and lead to rollover or jackknife accidents. Improperly secured or dangerous cargo can spill out of the truck and cause serious impact accidents or lead to other dangerous conditions. Some of the common debris spills include:

• Construction waste – often this involves material of all sizes that is not secured with a tarp in the correct manner;
• Timber – these log trucks carry a lot of large, heavy logs and if the chains are not secured or there are weak spots in the length of chain used to tie-down the logs then the resulting release may cause serious injuries or fatalities;
• Live animals – the recent crash of the truck carrying bees demonstrates some of the problems. There have been a number of stories about livestock trucks crashing and releasing scared, large animals in the middle of busy roads;
• Petroleum products – a spill of flammable liquids can lead to fires, as well as slippery conditions that cause multiple vehicle collisions;
• Hazardous waste – if containers of dangerous industrial waste or chemicals spill out of the truck then many people can be harmed, including residents who live in the vicinity of the spill; and • Produce and other commonly hauled goods – anything that comes flying out of the back or side of a commercial truck can act as a projectile or may cause vehicles to swerve to avoid a collision only to crash into other vehicles on the road.

Cargo spills pose many dangers and often result from the negligence of the trucking company and the truck driver who were obligated to check that the load was properly secured and safe for transport before heading out onto the long haul.

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