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Here’s a Quick Checklist For Recreational Vehicle Drivers in Florida

Recreational vehicles (RVs), including trailers and motor homes, are extremely popular in the United States, but especially in Florida. Due to the State’s gorgeous weather, beautiful coastlines and many popular tourist destinations, it is not surprising why thousands of Floridians and visitors alike enjoy taking their RVs out for some luxury-style camping. Generally speaking, recreational vehicles are safe and highly reliable methods of transportation. However, for a multitude of different reasons, they can lead to serious and sometimes fatal accidents. Specifically, an accident involving an RV can be caused by anything from driver error to manufacturing defects. To illustrate, our Miami recreational vehicle accident attorneys have provided a list of the most common causes of RV accidents:

• Vehicle defects. There are various forms of defects, the most popular of which include:

o Braking systems. Given the sheer size and magnitude of many types of RVs, it is often very difficult for even the most experienced of drivers to negotiate sharp turns and stop. Hence, when an RV is outfitted with a faulty braking system, this can lead to disastrous consequences. It is important to keep in mind that each year, RV braking systems are recalled due to a litany of dangerous defects associated therewith. This is why it is critical to check your brakes before taking off on your adventure and also, make sure that they have not been recalled. Also make sure that the brakes are rated appropriately if you intend to tow another vehicle.

o Tires. Defective tires can also cause serious accidents. Since RV tires are often exposed to a number of different road conditions, they can blow out at a moment’s notice, leading to serious accidents. In the past, several types of RVs were outfitted with tires incapable of withstanding the weight and size of the RV, leading to unnecessary accidents. With this in mind, it is critical to regularly check and maintain your tires (including tire pressure, whether they are the subject of any recalls, etc.) before taking off on your trip. This is especially true for dual tire setups.

o Electrical systems. It is important to realize that RVs are basically moving homes. Meaning, they are equipped with a great deal of wiring located throughout the entire vehicle. Should there be defects in the wiring system, this can cause fires and lead to other serious problems. Before departing on your journey, be sure to check your electrical system and also, make sure that it is not the subject of any product or manufacturer recalls. Carefully check hool-ups at RV parks as well.

• Poor road design/conditions. Some roads can be extremely dangerous and may include sharp curves and bends that are difficult for RVs to maneuver. It is incumbent upon a municipality to maintain and repair their roads should they become hazardous for whatever reason. Failure to do so can lead to deadly RV-related accidents.

• Inclement weather. Bad weather, including rain, fog and other conditions can cause poor visibility and a slowed ability to brake or maneuver which can result in serious accidents.

• Driver error. Drivers often fall prey to disobeying traffic rules, which may include speeding, failing to yield the right of way, tailgating and unsafe passing. These errors can be magnified in an RV due to their weight and size, leading to serious and sometimes fatal crashes.

• Distractions. Drivers of all types can become distracted for a number of reasons, whether due to cell phones, playing with a radio, looking at scenery, eating, or talking to passengers. Driving an RV requires a significant amount of focus and attention – should a person take their eyes off the road for even a second or less, this could be deadly.

• Intoxication. Drunk driving is one of the more notorious causes of accidents within Florida. However, when a person is impaired while driving an RV, it can have disastrous consequences. Without a doubt, operating an RV takes a significant amount of skill and experience. Being intoxicated when behind the wheel of an RV is highly risky, and, potentially deadly.

Traveling by RV is extremely enjoyable and as such, should remain that way. If you or someone you love has been injured in an RV-related accident in Florida, please contact us today at 1-888-499-9700 or 305-595-2400 for a FREE Consultation. Our lawyers are available 24/7 through e-mail or answering service. Let the Miami Car Accident Attorneys at Greenberg Stone and Urbano fight for the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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