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Commercial Truck Accident Caused by Sleepy Driver

The Florida Highway Patrol has reported that the driver of a Freightliner tractor-trailer fell asleep at the wheel, causing his truck to crash through a guardrail after crossing two lanes of traffic. According to, the truck subsequently crossed the grass median and struck the southbound guardrail, overturning on its side and coming to rest facing North on the left lane of the southbound side on the freeway.

Driver Fatigue

Unfortunately, driver fatigue is a common occurrence in eighteen-wheeler accidents. Drivers stay behind the wheel for a longer time than they should, get tired and fall asleep. We have seen it happen time and again throughout our many years of practice. Very often, jobs that are supposed to be handled by two drivers, are handled by one driver because that driver does not want to split with someone else what the trucking company is paying for that particular haul…Since these drivers do not have a back-up driver to help them handle the extra hours, they have no choice but to stay behind the wheel for more hours than they should. This is especially true when the driver’s greed is coupled with an unreasonable delivery schedule set by the company, which does not allow for the driver to rest as much as he needs, forcing him to stay behind the wheel for longer hours than he should, falling asleep and causing accidents like the one in question.

Of course it is too early to say with any degree of certainty why this particular driver fell asleep as the investigation has just begun. Yet, given our many years of experience handling commercial truck accident cases, we cannot help but wonder whether the delivery schedule for this particular truck load was reasonable. Over the years, we have seen trucking companies set unreasonable delivery schedules for their trucks, forcing their drivers to drive far longer hours than they legally should, all in the name of profit. It would not be the first time we see greed propel tractor-trailer drivers to drive far more hours than they should until fatigue sets in and an accident happens. Yet, as stated before, truck drivers are not the only ones to blame when this happens: trucking companies and their freight forwarding clients should not set delivery schedules that prompt these drivers to continuously drive for so many hours that they end up falling asleep and causing this kind of accidents.

The Lawyers of Greenberg Stone and Urbano Can Help

With more than 67 years of combined professional experience handling truck accident cases, the lawyers at Greenberg Stone and Urbano have seen how trucking companies set unreasonable delivery schedules that force their truckers to drive longer hours, all in the name of profit.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident with a commercial truck, you should immediately contact a law firm experienced in handling these cases. Throughout the years, the Miami Dade County Truck Accidents Law Offices of Greenberg Stone and Urbano have represented many clients involved in traffic fatalities, traumatic brain injuries and serious personal injuries resulting from accidents with large commercial trucks.

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