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Two Tractor Trailer Accidents In Less Than A Week

Accidents involving large commercial trucks keep occurring with alarming frequency in Florida. Just a few days ago, two eighteen wheelers heading South on the Florida Turnpike collided when one merged from the right shoulder into the path of the other near PGA Boulevard, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Five vehicles involved

Lloyd Temple of Miami emerged into traffic with his truck and was rear-ended by a truck driven by John Fryer of Miramar. A fuel tank and other debris from Temple’s truck went flying onto the roadway. The crash caused a 2004 Honda Civic driven by Shannon Black of Port St. Lucie to collide with the fuel tank. Another vehicle subsequently crashed into the debris, while another truck crashed into the median when the driver swerved trying to avoid the debris. As a result, Ms. Black was taken to Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center with minor injuries, while Fryer was taken to St. Mary’s Medical Center. None of the other drivers were taken to a hospital.

Another truck accident just a few days before

Just a few days before, on March 23, a very similar accident involving two other commercial trucks occurred. The driver of a tractor trailer didn’t realize that a slow moving dump truck with flashing lights had just merged onto the lane he was traveling on and rear ended the dump truck. The rear ended truck caught fire, causing third degree burns to the driver, who had to be hospitalized at Jackson Memorial Hospital’s burn unit.

Be careful when driving close to trucks

Every driver must use more caution than usual when driving around big trucks. Because of their size and weight, commercial trucks, eighteen wheelers, tractor trailers and the like, cannot stop in as short a distance as a regular passenger car. Therefore, drivers must exercise extra care when driving near a truck.

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