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Types of Truck Accidents

Why Do Accident Categories Matter in Legal Proceedings?

After a major truck accident that causes serious injury or fatality, the injury victim or surviving family has the right to seek financial compensation from every company or person that helped cause the accident through negligent or reckless behavior. To determine who caused the accident, the entire accident sequence must be closely examined for clues to causation.

A knowledgeable accident attorney knows that identifying the specific types of vehicles involved in the accident is important to the success of the legal claim. Different types of trucks are susceptible to different types of accidents — based on their construction, purpose or usage.

Also, different safety laws and standards apply to different types of trucks. Reviewing compliance — or lack of compliance — with relevant safety laws and maintenance standards is another important step in proving causation in a truck accident lawsuit. Commercial 18-wheelers, for example, must comply with a different set of safety regulations that local delivery vans or public transit busses.

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Attorneys for All Types of Commercial Truck Accidents: More Than 60 Years’ Combined Experience

Serving people throughout the United States, Greenberg & Stone, represents clients injured in accidents involving every kind of truck. Our clients include the drivers and passengers of motor vehicles, as well as truck drivers injured by other truckers. Our trial lawyers have more than 60 years’ collective experience representing injury victims as they seek accountability from those responsible for serious truck accidents. We handle claims on behalf of individuals injured in so-called “common auto accidents,” and we also have the knowledge and resources to represent the victims of complex or unusual truck collision accidents.

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