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How Do I File a Truck Accident Claim?

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Most families are surprised — if not shocked — by the speed with which the trucking companies get to work after a major truck accident. Do not be surprised if a trucking company representative or insurance company representative approaches you while you or your family member is still in the hospital, asking you to make a statement or even accept a settlement.

To protect your legal rights, we encourage people to not make a statement, sign any legal documents or accept any settlement before you talk to an independent and experienced attorney about your legal options. It may be tempting to accept the first settlement amount offered in order to get funds for immediate financial needs. However, an experienced truck accidents lawyer can advise you on other sources of immediate funds and can help make sure that the final settlement or jury award is fair and that it fully compensates you for the true cost of the accident.

Greenberg & Stone, is a nationwide truck accidents law firm with extensive experience representing truck accident victims around the country. We have a Rapid Response Team that can travel immediately to the scene of an accident and provide quick legal advice. To learn more about how to file a claim after a truck accident, call toll free 888-499-9700.

Where to File a Claim After a Truck Accident

One of the most important legal questions after a major truck accident is where to file the claim. Geography plays a role in answering this question, as does the injury victim’s residence and the location of any corporations involved. For example, consider the following situation:

An Iowa resident is injured while driving in Nebraska. The truck company headquarters is in New York, the truck maintenance company headquarters is in New Jersey, and the truck was loaded, perhaps improperly, in Ohio.

A truck accident claim could conceivably be filed in any of those five states. A truck accident lawyer with a strategic perspective will understand that a choice exists here. To file a claim, the attorney must analyze each of the possible venues to decide which may be the most sympathetic to the injury victim’s claim for compensation. In interstate truck accident cases like the example above, the experience of the law firm is more important than the location.

At Greenberg & Stone, our clients get the benefit of both our nationwide perspective and our local, personalized service. This is possible because our trial attorneys work closely with a nationwide network of local associate law firms around the country.

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