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North Carolina

North Carolina Highway Accident Attorney Helping Tractor Trailer Accident Victims in Charlotte, Washington, Jacksonville and Raleigh

When North Carolina truck accidents occur, the victims deserve legal representation from a nationwide law firm with the resources to respond immediately to urgent requests for legal help. Greenberg & Stone, has the resources to meet such needs. Our trial attorneys have extensive experience litigating major truck accident lawsuits, which are a primary focus of our personal injury practice.

At Greenberg & Stone, we practice personal injury law because we believe in the fundamental right of an injury victim to seek compensation from the person or company responsible. Over the past decades, our legal team has developed and tested valuable strategies for negotiating and trying personal injury claims on behalf of truck accident victims. We work with a nationwide network of local associate law firms, and we have a Rapid Response Team ready to take immediate action after a serious trucking accident anywhere in the country. If you are struggling in the immediate aftermath of a serious or fatal North Carolina truck accident, you will receive attentive and results-oriented service from Greenberg & Stone.

Trucking in North Carolina

North Carolina is an integral part of the Eastern Seaboard traffic corridor. Eighteen-wheeler trucks make heavy use of North Carolina freeways like I-95 to transport commercial goods along one of the United States’ major north-south routes. Unfortunately, the Eastern Seaboard traffic corridor carries high-volume passenger traffic as well. When cars and tractor trailers share the roadway, major accidents are bound to happen.

The trial attorneys of Greenberg & Stone offer free and private consultations in North Carolina truck accident cases to people throughout the state, including Charlotte, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Greensboro and Winston-Salem.

Investigating the Causes of Truck Accidents

Tractor trailer accidents can have many causes, which means that a personal injury claim following a North Carolina truck accident may involve multiple defendants. The trucking industry is a complex web of relationships among truck drivers, semi truck owners, transportation companies and truck maintenance corporations. Each company and individual is responsible in some way for the safe operation of these massive vehicles, which can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds.

It is your attorney’s job to spearhead a thorough and independent investigation into all possible and actual causes of the accident, including driver fatigue, overloading, hazardous road conditions, reckless driving, maintenance failures and errors in design of truck components. At Greenberg & Stone, that process begins with our Rapid Response Team — professionals who can travel immediately to the scene of any North Carolina truck accident to interview witnesses, advocate for the accident victims and begin to collect all necessary evidence and witness statements.

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