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Michigan Highway Accident Attorney Helping Tractor Trailer Accident Victims in Charlotte, Detroit, Wyoming and Birmingham

If you are involved in a Michigan truck accident, you can reasonably expect the trucking company’s insurance carrier to begin investigating right away. The insurance company will try to limit liability and minimize the financial compensation due to you as a result of the accident.

Don’t you and your family deserve a fighting chance at justice and an adequate financial settlement?

Helping You Win the Legal Battle

Truck accident lawsuits are a battle of resources. Most trucking companies will spend significant amounts of money defending against personal injury and wrongful death claims because in most cases the amount they spend will be less than the amount they would have to pay out to the injury victim. To successfully negotiate or litigate a Michigan truck accident injury lawsuit, you need a law firm that is not afraid to go up against the trucking company’s resources.

Greenberg & Stone, is a nationwide personal injury and wrongful death law firm with a special emphasis on representing the victims of serious accidents with commercial trucks. Our attorneys are recognized leaders in the legal field who have chosen as their life work the honorable responsibility of holding negligent individuals and companies accountable for their actions. We have extensive experience litigating injury and death claims involving big-rig trucks. With our nationwide network of local associate law firms and our Rapid Response Team, we are able to offer personalized and attentive legal service to truck accident injury victims across the country.

Trucking in Michigan

The Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning compares crashes involving heavy trucks with other types of motor vehicle accidents. In 2008, the most recent year for which information is available, Michigan truck accidents involved:

  • More drivers making errors while backing, turning and changing lanes
  • More daytime and weekday accidents
  • More sideswipe accidents, and
  • Fewer single-vehicle accidents

This information gives a picture of Michigan trucking accidents that is far from reassuring.

Greenberg & Stone is available to handle Michigan truck accidents no matter where they occur, including on Michigan’s busy interstate freeways: I-75, I-69 and I-196. We offer free and private consultations in Michigan truck accident cases to people throughout the state, including in and around Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing and Port Huron.

Michigan sees a high volume of international trucking traffic, especially through the border city of Port Huron. Our trial lawyers have extensive experience managing complex international motor vehicle accident cases.

Contact Greenberg & Stone — We Have Decades of Experience

If you or a family member has been hurt in a Michigan truck crash, talk to a lawyer about an injury lawsuit as soon as possible. Call toll free 888-499-9700 or contact us online to see how our approach can work for you. Trial lawyers at Greenberg & Stone are available 24/7 through e-mail or our answering service. We place great emphasis on promptly responding to your needs.

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